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How hard it is to convict a sex offender

How hard it is toconvict a sex offender

Many misconceptionsabout convicted child molester have gone around the internet and everyoneshome table. It is often the general believe that if a child accuses someone ofmolesting them that the person is arrested, a trial is set and the personbecomes a convicted sex offender. When after reading this article you will finda much different scenario which is not only scary, but when it was presented tothe state of official in charge, it was not a shock, most of them tried toexplain why it was done this way. The first thing to keep in mind is thateveryone is innocent until proven guilty except a victim, and most victim rightbills do not pertain to children.

When achild comes forward to explain what they has been done to them they are hard tobelieve, often times because they do not have an adult mentality and they cannotuse words or explanations that give someone the perfect description of whathappen to them. That is why having special counselors and train professionalsare needed from the beginning, and why they should not be made to confront theperson they are accusing of the crime. From the point of coming forward oftentimes an exam is ordered, however unless the child molester is very comfortablewith this victim or they were caught in the act chances are the exams are onlygoing to show swelling, or soreness, that any defense attorney can and will tryto explain away. Even raped women who wait too long dont show signs ofphysical rape just emotional rape, however, with children it is the emotionaldamage that usually gets the conviction. If the police were not involved up tothis point, they will get involved after the examination regardless of theresults, again dont expect this to happen quick, there second step is to talkwith the hookers accused. This is where things really start to slow down and make ithard to convict a sex offender.

Ofcourse the child molester is going to deny ever doing anything wrong, oftenthey will offer proof of their innocence by offering names of other childrenthey have been around or character witnesses who they know would never believesuch a thing. The next legal move is toget everything from the victim interview, exam and the accused interview to theprosecutor. The prosecutor will then want to visit with the victim, explain theprocess, many times let the parents know right from the beginning that theywill do everything in the power of the law to get a conviction; however,because of shows like CSI and Law &Order many jurys find it hard toconvict a sex offender when it is their word against a childs. Of course no parent would be willing to giveup that easily and want to pursue in the conviction, the next move is to takethe evidence in front of the grand jury. When and if the grand jury decides toproceed, it is at that time an arrest and a bail is set. Keep in mind fromstart the child coming forward to the grand jury decision the time frame is 3-6months. Once the arrest is made there are pretrials and motions that will last at least 6 months to ayear, parents who cant take much more are usually left with 2 option, allowfor plea deal of time served or the accused does not have to be on the sexoffender registry, or they can drop the charges and move on. As time movesforward if the victim and parents can hang on, when the trial approaches theyget to listen to accusation of what is going to said to their child, andpossibly what they will be accused of. The days of leading up to the trial willoffer many plea offers, rejections, just a complete emotional roller coaster atwhich time the trial will begin.

In conclusion to convict asex offender it is no easy task, nor is it a quick one. In total 1-2 years isnormal to gain a conviction, if a family is lucky when the arrest is made the accusedsex offender may not be able to make bond, leaving them in jail until afterthey are convicted. Of course that is ifthe jury selected actually convicts the accused, remember a victim that hasbeen through counseling for over a year is not going to appear as traumatizedas one that was just molested. It is also hard to listen to a child tell astory that doesnt sound as detailed as an adults. How many times have youfigured out what a child was trying to tell you by deciphering what wasactually said, I know my wife used to tell me everything my kids said to me, Ididnt have a clue. So how easily can someone on a jury take that as a lie, or reasonabledoubt, destroying a victim who stood up for themselves to get justice?

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